Better treatment, faster recovery

Learn how we help patients recover faster and easier with minimally invasive spine surgery, orthopedic care, pain management, and sports medicine. Our integrated approach to treatment sets us apart and ensures you receive thorough, effective, and life-changing care.

Los Angeles Spine and Orthopaedic Institute

Whether you’re in pain from an injury, an orthopedic challenge, or a chronic condition, you’ve turned to the right place: the home of an elite group of doctors dedicated to individualized and integrated healing

The LA Spine and Orthopedic Institute difference means that we work as a team. Together, we leverage our expertise across disciplines to create a fully integrated plan of care for each patient that uses the latest techniques in minimally-invasive surgery. And our focus on outpatient services means we promote a speedy recovery and rehabilitation process.

We diagnose, manage, and treat patients at a fully-equipped surgical center, with no MRSA infections since we opened our doors.