About Us

Our Integrated Approach

While each of our doctors are highly respected specialists, we perform best when we work as a team. That’s why we’ve created a unique integrated approach that ensures your treatment is evaluated and approved by physicians with diverse specialties working together.

Because of this team-based approach, we’re able to provide minimally-invasive or non-surgical treatments with greater precision and faster recovery times than traditional centers.

We work together as a team so you can spend more time living your life fully.

Our Treatment Philosophy

When you visit the Institute, you’ll receive comprehensive care that includes diagnosis, treatment, and recovery in a single surgical center, often on an outpatient basis. We aim to provide efficient, effective care with lower recovery times and a zero rate of MRSA infection.

Results/Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Port Is an amazing physician. It’s obvious how much he truly cares for his patients and wants to see them better. He’s one of the most compassionate people, I’ve ever met. All the attending nurses, Anesthesiologist and staff were very professional and kind. I’ve unfortunately seen the inside of many operating rooms and LA Spine & Orthopedic Institute are stage of the art.”

“Interactions with Dr. Melikian (surgeon) and Dr. Port (anesthesiologist) were very informative and expectations were discussed. Both doctors and nursing staff obviously had a great amount of experience in my condition and surgery. This experience and related conversations helped put myself and wife in the best position to make the best decisions.”

“Dr.Matsuda is amazing. His staff was very professional and made me feel at ease about my surgery. Very attentive. Facility was one of the best.”

“Dr. Port and his staff are amazing! The best team and the best facility.”

Our Facility

We’re proud of our world-class treatment facility in Marina Del Rey, California, where we provide minimally-invasive treatments using advanced technology.

Our physicians perform many treatments—including arthroscopic and endoscopic surgeries—as outpatient procedures, meaning you can recover faster and easier with an extremely low risk of infection and complication. In fact, our facility prides itself on a zero MRSA infection rate, compared to the 5-10 percent rate commonly found in hospitals.