What to Expect

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You will understand your options.

We understand that the world of outpatient surgery can be confusing and intimidating, especially when you’re making major health decisions.

That’s why we’ve pledged that each of our patients will receive an in-depth pre-treatment session with our doctors to answer questions, understand procedures, and review your plan of care. We welcome loved ones during these sessions and strive to fully answer every question in advance of treatment.

Our minimally invasive approach is different from many other options that patients typically encounter and we often provide second opinions on earlier recommendations. Our aim is always to reduce your pain, increase your mobility, or improve your quality of life through the least invasive procedure possible.


You will know costs upfront.

Patients often have concerns over their out-of-pocket costs, as well as how much their insurance will cover. Add to that sometimes complex in- or out-of-network policies and it’s easy to become confused.

We promise a clear, transparent approach to your financial commitment, so you understand costs long before any treatment begins. Luckily, most of our treatments are in-network (and if you’re not sure what that means, we’re happy to explain.)

As a leading outpatient center, we also understand you may be making a major financial commitment with our team, sometimes even traveling from out of state or overseas for treatment. Let us know your circumstances and we will do our best to help.

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You will experience the LA Spine difference.

The LA Spine difference is clear in everything we do, from the caliber of our physicians to our attention to detail. We use comprehensive treatment programs designed to reduce infection and speed recovery, from imaging and equipment to faster-healing incisions.

Just compare LA Spine surgical center’s 0 MRSA spine surgery infection rate against the 5-10% rate commonly found in hospitals.

And our commitment to our patients doesn’t end after treatment. We provide post-treatment support, including nursing services, to help our patients regain more valuable time in their lives.

What we treat

Our team is comprised of best-in-class experts in orthopedic care, sports medicine, and spinal health. With more than 15 (?) physicians on staff and with more than 6000 (?) procedures completed, we’re proud of our work helping others find pain-free, productive lives.

Below you’ll find an overview of our treatment specialities.

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Our team includes board-certified spine surgeons who are considered pioneers among their peers, with specialties including neuroglia and orthopedic spine challenges.
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Our team of board-certified orthopedists are dedicated to getting you back to normal life as efficiently and safely as possible.
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Our techniques for pain management include careful management of pain medication, medical interventions including targeted injections, and psychological support.
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Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, you shouldn’t play through pain. We specialize in helping diagnose, treat, and heal sports-related injuries, helping you recover faster and easier.


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